Walking Directions

From The Condo

Base Lifts & Facilities

To the base lifts and other facilities. From the first floor take the stairs down to the back parking lot of the St Moritz. Walk to the road, turn left and walk down the street (OE Pattison). Walk to the left 90 degree bend in road, continue another 50 ft. to the Maroon colored Edelweiss Cabin on the right. Walk toward the “No Trespassing” sign nailed to a tree. The single track trail begins at this sign.

Edel Cabin(Chalet)
St Moritz guests have permission from the Edelweiss owner to cross her land, but please be respectful and quiet. Continue 30 ft. crossover 2 bridges then continue up the grade (50 ft) to the top of “Zipper 3” lift.

Base Area

The base area is 300 ft from here down the hill; you can either ski down or walk down the ski run to the base where you can access Lift #1, catch the gondola to take your kids to ski school, shop, dine or just relax on the plaza in the sun while drinking a hot beverage from the Black Diamond coffee shop. You will need a flashlight or use your cell phone at night.

Shortcut to Slopes - Walking Path Slideshow

Winter short cut


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