The Altitude

9,500 ft MSL

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is a common medical concern here at the Taos Ski Valley: the condo sits at 9,500ft. The onset of this illness can ruin your vacation. If you have a history of it or think you might get it, you can ask your primary health care provider to prescribe “Diamox” mediation to prevent it. There is a medical clinic “Mogul Medical” here at the mountain, open 9am to 4pm daily. They can help treat you, if you do get it during your stay. Rest, Ibuprofen and oxygen are the next best defenses in treating it.

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Taos Ski Valley is a village and alpine ski resort in Taos County, New Mexico, United States. The Kachina lift, constructed in 2014, serves the highest elevation of any triple chair in the North American Continent, to a peak elevation of 12,481 feet (3,804 m). Wikipedia


From Mogul Medical – Taos Ski Valley Urgent Care: View Full Page Here

Gradually increase elevation

Sleeping a night or two at a lower elevation will help speed the body’s acclimation process. (Albuquerque, Denver, Taos, Santa Fe)

Take it easy

Many skiers can not resist the urge to overdo it the first day or two only to ruin the rest of the week. Stop early when fatigued or any prolonged breathlessness.

High Carbohydrate Diet

Increase carbohydrate intake (pasta, rice, pancakes) to 70% of total calories. This means reducing fat intake.

Avoid Alcohol, Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills the first two nights.

All of these things slow down your body’s adjustment to elevation. This is critical if you exhibit any of the symptoms below.


Symptoms worse after a second night sleeping at altitude will benefit from medication to speed acclimatization and prevent illness.


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