Important To Know

Provisions, Transportation, Medical Clinic


Purchase all groceries and supplies before you come up to the St Moritz at the Ski Valley; it’s 20 miles from the Taos Civic Plaza.

In the Town of Taos:

Cid’s (an organic grocery), and Smith’s has the best vegetables and a good organic food selection too. Taos also has a Walmart, Big 5 sporting, Auto part stores (they carry chains if you need them.)

Bumps Market – Taos Ski Valley:

Located in the resort center at the Snakedance Condominium complex, Bumps Market stocks grocery items, vegetables and meats, basic pharmaceutical supplies, snacks, drinks, beer, wine, liquor and tobacco products. Bumps Burrito Bar – made to order breakfast burritos and several other to-go selections.

Bumps Market also carries cans of oxygen which really helps with altitude sickness symptoms.


If you need transportation to and from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Taos Airport go to You need a reservation 48 hours in advance for pickup or drop off. They charge $70.00 one way per person. Be sure to ask them to stop at grocery store before they bring you up to the St Moritz.

Medical Clinic

Altitude sickness is a common medical concern here at the Taos Ski Valley: the condo sits at 9,500ft. The onset of this illness can ruin your vacation. If you have a history of it or think you might get it, you can ask your primary health care provider to prescribe “Diamox” mediation to prevent it. There is a medical clinic “Mogul Medical” here at the mountain, open 9am to 4pm daily. They can help treat you, if you do get it during your stay. Rest, Ibuprofen and oxygen are the next best defenses in treating it.


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