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Important Things to Know About Your Stay

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Each unit has it's own free high speed password protected Wi-Fi. Each unit has Dish Satillte with 46" flat screen HD TV with Internet accestays BlueRay DVD is also provided. Cell Phne service is spotty and often is not reliable. AT&T seems to work the best.

Driving direction once you arrive at the Taos Ski Area:
Upon arriving at the Taos Ski Valley sign, and the actual ski area, continue on the main road .2 mi it will curve around, drive straight past the guard house straight ahead, at the "y" take at left, drive another 300 ft. (you are at the drop off point for the day skiers and the top parking lot), take the first right onto Twining Road, which is a dirt road (and hopefully will be snow packed during ski season). You will see a Brown square sign on the left that says "4x4 or chains only beyond this point." It is recommended you have at least an all-wheel drive vehicle past this point or have chains. Continue on Twining Rd. less than a .2 mile, you will see a 25 mph speed limit sign indicating your speed. Continue past that sign 200 ft. You will see the beautiful St. Moritz 4 story condominium complex on your right with a St. Moritz sign attached to a tree showing the condo address, 37 Twining Rd. The complex has stone columns with brown stucco and metal railings. There are 5-6 parking spots in front and several more in the lower parking lot behind the condos. Parking is at a premium; please park so other guests can fit there car in too.

During the winter months you need an all wheel drive or a 4x4 vehicle to make it to the condo. On snow days over 5 inches your car will need to be moved for the plow to clear both parking areas. You are responsible for removing the snow off your car. You may move it yourself or you can arrange leaving your keys for the St Moritz management to move. There are no outside electrical sources to plug vehicles into on cold nights.

Walking direction from the condo to the base lifts and other facilities:
From the first floor take the stairs down to the back parking lot of the St Moritz. Turn left and walk down the street (OE Pattison). Walk to the 90 degree bend in road and continue another 50 ft. to Edelweiss Cabin on the right. You will see a red, white and black sign attached to a tree that says "No Trespassing". The trail begins at this sign. St. Moritz guests have permission from the Edelweiss owner to cross her land, but please be respectful and quiet. Continue 20 ft. crossover 2 bridges. You can ski back to this point from the Rubezahl ski run, via the top of the Pioneer left. There are 3 trails to the base lifts and ticket office. The 1st, to your immediate right, runs along the creek, here. The 2nd is about 30 ft. slightly uphill then a right to a new bike trail. The 3rd continues another 40 ft. up a short hill to the Rubezahl ski run. Take a good look at the landmarks so you can find this trail back to the condos. If you plan on walking the trail at night, you will need a flashlight since none of the trails have lights.

Purchase all groceries and supplies you need before you come up to the Taos Ski Valley and your condo. Cid's (an organic grocery), and Smith's is where I shop. There is Walmart, Big 5 sporting goods, etc. for all your needs besides food. There is a very small convenience store at the ski valley, but it is has limited supply of groceries, alcohol, and over the counter medicines.

The condo is fully furnished. It is stocked with soaps, sponges, paper towels, Klenix, washer/dryer and laundry soap, cleaning supplies, sheets, blankets, wash cloths and hand and bath towels. There is hand soap and small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and toilet paper in each bathroom. Dish soap and filtered water are also provided.

Do you like crafted beer? Each condo is supplied with a growler which remains at the condo for your use. Mesa Brewing has a tap room where you can fill it up here at the ski valley, just a short walk away.

Miscellaneous: In the ski valley, the Tim Stray Dog Cantina is my favorite restaurant, although there are several others (check the black book in the condo). The Pizza Shack will deliver. There is a small store called Bumps for any small items you might need. They carry cans of oxygen to help with altitude sickness symptoms. The TSV Chamber of Commerce and Post Office are open during the day. The Edelweiss Hotel offers spa treatments.

Altitude sickness: the condo sits at 9,500 ft MSL. 1/3 of my guests suffer from it's symptoms and can ruin your vacation. If you have a history of it, you can ask your Doctor to prescribe a medication that you can take before you arrive to help elevate the onset of this serious illness. Other precautions, if you live at lower elevations might be: stay one night in a midrange altitude 4,500-6,500ft. Once you get to the condos drink plenty of water, take it easy for the first day, take an anti inflammatory medication and some say Pasta helps. If you feel symptoms coming on you can use oxygen. You can buy cans up here at Bumps or go to local clinic. The clinic has the high altitude medication which will help.

Besides skiing at the valley there is paid sledding with lift services, tons of hiking or show shoeing and snowmobiling. In the summer there is tons of hiking, horseback riding, summer concerts, mountain biking, and bird watching.

In the town of Taos, you will find lots of history, artsy shops and artsy things to do and see.

In Arroyo Seco, the last quaint little town where there the road narrows and there is a 90 degree turn to the right then another 90 degree turn to your left. I love the Taos Cow Café. They have good coffee and ice cream as well as sandwiches. I have been told Abe's is good as well. You will find excellent "fine-dining" at the Sabrosso, just west of Arroyo Seco and to the north of the highway.

At the last light, as you turned onto the road going to the ski area there is a great Italian restaurant on the right (South) called Pizzano's. Back toward town, Orlando's (on the West side of the highway about 2 miles past the blinking light heading towards Taos) serves excellent New Mexican food. I eat here mostly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything before or during your stay. Wishing you a great vacation!


Kelly Grossetete - Resident Manager